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Recurring tasks

There are tasks that are recurring in nature. ProofHub lets you create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurring tasks to automate the due dates and reminders.

While adding the task click on Set recurrence. Make sure you have set the due date to make a task recurring.

set recurrence    

In the next window, you can set the recurrence of the task.

recurrence settings

Few important points about the recurring task:

  1. If a task is recurring on every third day and let’s say it’s due on 10th but for some reason, it is marked as complete on 11th then the next task will be due on 14th of a month.
  2. If a tasklist containing recurring task is moved to some other project the remaining instances of the recurring task will be created in a new project.
  3.  If you copy a tasklist containing a recurring task to another project, remaining instances will not be created in a new project as due dates are not copied in this case.


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