Email-in tasks

Every Task list has its unique email-in address. You can save that email-in address in your contacts so that you can add task via email. Here’s how

  1. Select any task list out of all task-lists from left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the menu icon from right and choose Copy email-in address.
    email in tasks
  3. A window will pop up.
    copy email in address
  4. Select the address and copy it to use wherever required.

How to add tasks via email-in

First of all, paste the email-in address into recipient field in your email.

Now, there are two email formats that can be used for adding tasks using email-in feature.

First format:

[Task] Task name
[Desc] Description
[Start] 01/12/2016 (Start date)
[End] 01/15/2016 (End date)
[Subtask] Task name
[Desc] Description
[Start] 01/12/2016 (Start date)
[End] 01/17/2016 (End date)

Second format:

* Task name
*d Description
*s 04/12/2016 (Start date)
*e 04/15/2016 (End date)
** Subtask name
*d Description
*s 04/12/2016 (Start date)
*e 04/12/2016 (End date)

Enter task details in any of these formats into the body of email and send it. Your task will be added under the task list.


  • Task name is mandatory, whereas you can skip rest of the details to add tasks using email-in.
  • While adding the start and end date, you will have to keep date format in mind. If your account has date format like: mm/dd/yyyy, then you need to write the dates according to this format.

Reply via email

Comments on task can be easily replied via email without the need to log-in. Every time a new comment is posted on a task, people who have been assigned to that particular task receive an email notification. One can simply reply to that email for adding comment to that thread. Here’s how:

  1. To add comment without logging-in, reply to e-mail notification of comment on the task that you’ve received.
  2. The comment will be added in the thread.
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