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With ProofHub Reports, you can keep an eye on your projects and resources. Only account owner and admins have access to view reports from their accounts. Here’s how it works in ProofHub:

  • Go to Reports section.There you will find three sub-tabs: Overview, Projects and Resources.
    reports tab

Overview Report

In Overview, you will get reports from all the projects. On top of your screen, you will see the count of active, archived, overdue projects and total number of resources that you have added into your account. ProofHub report automatically fetches relevant data from projects and presents it in below mentioned meaningful sections –

  1. Due Projects: Due projects report tells you about when a project is due. Each project is represented in form of a dot and the dotted line represents the current date. The projects whose end date has passed will appear at the left of dotted line (which is for the current date) faded. If you hover over any dot, you will see the project name, its start and end date along with project progress. You can find the same information in form of table. This also includes the project’s progress and manager’s name in it. You can also use sort and view filter to see due projects by date, progress and project name.
    due projects
    due projects2
  2. Slipping projects: With slipping projects report, you will get to know about the number of tasks and milestones that have been skipped across all projects along with project progress. You can also use sort filter to view the results by progress, overdue task, milestone etc. and project filters to view the results of any specific project.
    slipping projects
    skipping projects2
  3. Resources: From resources report, you get to know about the overdue tasks of resources. In the graph, you will see resources’ name at left, and number of overdue tasks will be shown in the bottom. You can also view the resource name with number of projects that has been assigned to him/her along with count of overdue tasks and their performance in percentage. You can use sort by and projects filter to view progress of any specific resource.
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