All projects

To see the reports of all projects at once, you need to click Projects tab in Reports. Insights like tasks progress, project progress snapshot and resource management from all the projects are presented here.

You can also filter All projects’ reports for specific duration using Date range filter.

All project’s report

On the top of your screen, you will see the basic stats of all the projects in your account like count of active & archived projects, open tasks and open milestones etc. ProofHub report automatically fetches relevant data from projects and presents it in below mentioned meaningful sections –

  1. Active projects: All the active projects in your account will be displayed in a pie chart and will be sorted in three ways:
    • Overdue – The projects whose due date has passed and some of its tasks are yet to completed.
    • Ongoing – If the current date lies between the start and due date of a project, it becomes ongoing.
    • Upcoming – The projects which are yet to start.

    Pie chart graph is dynamic. You can filter it on the basis of above mentioned groups using the graph legends. This chart can also be filtered as per project categories.
    active projects report

  2. Open tasks: Open tasks’ graphical representation is similar to that of all projects. In it all the overdue, ongoing and upcoming tasks are represented in a dynamic pie chart. These can be filtered using graph legends and also using projects’ filter.
    open tasks report1
    Also, as you scroll down, you will be able to see the detailed reports for open tasks. In it you will be able to see count of open tasks and overdue task for each project. In it by default you can see data of 10 projects having most number of open tasks. There are filters like sort by, categories and view which you can use for more precise reports.
    open task report2
  3. Open milestone: Like projects and tasks, this pie chart shows you all the open milestones which can be segregated as overdue and upcoming. You can filter milestone project wise using projects filter.
    open milestone report1
    Like open tasks, open milestones too have detailed reports in which we have shown count of open and overdue milestones for each project. In it by default you can see data of 10 projects having most number of open milestones. You can use filters to see more precise reports.
    open milestone report2
  4. Project progress snapshot: Get a glance of all your projects’ status with project progress snapshot chart. In it you can see the progress made in each project. In it by default you can see 10 projects with highest amount of progress. You can be further filter the data as per categories. Also, you can see progress made in all projects using the view filter.
    project progress snapshot
  5. Resource utilization: This is the report generated on the basis of workload of the resources. You can see count of open tasks, overdue tasks, open milestones, overdue milestones assigned to each resource and the progress made by each of them. In it by default you can see data of 10 resources having most number of overdue tasks. You can use sort by, group and view filter to see more precise reports.
    resource utilization

    resource utilization2

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