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Overview keeps everyone informed about what’s going on in the project. Team can view latest updates of tasks, events and milestones, discussions, files, notes and timesheets.

It also offers project’s progress chart which gives the instant overview of the progress to managers, team members, and clients.

In the Overview, starting from the top, category, dates, project name and color code, description, list of people to whom it has been assigned, progress chart and tiles of various sections appear.


Team members
  1. In overview list of people working on the project is displayed.
  2. Manager of the project will be tagged by letter M.
    team overview
  3. Hover on any profile picture to see the Mini profile of a person.
    Mini profile
  4. To Manage people, click on the people icon.
    people icon
Project progress chart
  1. Click on the Chart icon besides the list of people.
  2. Progress chart will open up.
    project progress chart

Note: Progress chart shows completed tasks and total tasks with two separate lines. This helps you to comprehend if the work is being done slowly, or if too much new work is being added.

  1. Tiles for each section appear showing their latest updates.
  2. Above each tile one can see count of items present in each section.
  3. You can either click on a tile’s heading to go to that section or click an update to be taken to it.
    overview tiles

Note: When a new project is added tiles for Discussions, Tasks, Timesheets and Notes are created by default and in case all data for a section is removed then its tile won’t appear.

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