Add projects and invite people

  1. Click on Add button present on the top left of the Projects screen.
  2. Select Project from the drop down.
    add project

    You can also create Templates from here. To know more click here.
  3. Enter the Title and Description of the project. You can also select people you wish to assign the project.

    Note: To add a new person to the account click on Add person icon. Fill in the details and click on Add.
  4. Select a manager from the from the list of people working in the project.

    Manager can always stay updated with all the ongoing progress by turning on the Project progress report. Manager will get the report of all the pending tasks, milestones, time logged and other activities in the project.
  5. Enter start and due date of the project.
  6. Select a category of the project. You can also create your own categories. Learn more.
  7. Color code the project and then click Add.add project window
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