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ProofHub lets you store any personal notes, birthday reminders, important phone calls etc through quickies. It helps in planning, monitoring and executing tasks & household chores more effectively.

How to add quickie

  1. Click the Quickie icon besides profile picture.
  2. Enter your message or task in text field.
  3. Click the date picker to select the due date for your quickie.
  4. Hit Enter and it will be added.

Shortcuts in quickies

You can now add your important topics, task lists, notebooks or notes, folder and timesheets to quickies for easily accessing them and they will appear in quickies window. When you click on those quickies, you will be redirected to that section. Anytime if you feel that you are done discussing over that topic, task lists etc, then you can remove them from quickies section. Just click the menu icon from right and choose Remove from quickies option and your project centric quickies will be removed.

Edit/delete quickie

How to edit quickie:

  1. To edit a quickie, either right click on it or click the menu icon from right.
  2. Choose Edit option.
  3. A window will pop up from where you can make the changes.
  4. Hit Update to save the changes.

How to delete quickie:

  1. To delete a quickie, either right click on it or click the menu icon from right.
  2. Choose Delete option. A confirmation window will pop up.
  3. Click Yes and your quickie will be deleted.

Filter by Status:

You can filter quickies by their status like whether they are completed or incomplete. Here’s how:

Click the dropdown menu besides Status and choose Completed. Then, it will display you all completed quickies.

To view your incomplete quickies, choose Incomplete option from the dropdown.

Need more help?

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