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Me view

Me section of ProofHub displays all your overdue tasks, tasks that you need to work on today, tomorrow, this week etc. By default, it displays the tasks that are assigned to you across all projects. At the left of screen, below your profile there will be list of all overdue and recent upcoming events/milestones assigned to you.

me view


At the right of screen, it will display all your overdue tasks at first place and then, due tasks for today, tomorrow, this week, next week etc.

me tasks

To view the task details, click on any task and its detailed panel would open from where you can edit the start and end date of your task, track time, edit label, attach files, set percentage progress and manage people on task by clicking their respective icons.

me task details

You can also edit/delete task or manage people by clicking the menu icon from the right. And, If you want to go to the task inside the project, then choose Go to Task option from menu icon. You will be redirected to that task in project.

me go to task

To complete any task, just click the checkbox beside task. It will be marked as completed and disappear from Task by default as Me view displays only incomplete tasks that are assigned to you across all projects.

Filter tasks

By Status:

Users can use this filter to view their complete and incomplete tasks. Here’s How:

  1. Click the dropdown menu besides Status and choose Complete option to see all completed tasks.


  • By default, Status filter is set on incomplete option and displays all incomplete tasks assigned to you.

By project’s name:

Users can use this filter to view tasks from specific projects. Here’s how:

  1. Click the dropdown menu besides Projects and select any project or projects then it will be displaying tasks of selected projects only.

By Due date:

You can filter tasks to view tasks due on a specific day/period. Here’s how:

  1. Click the dropdown menu besides Due. You will get options such as today, tomorrow, etc. Select any of the options to view tasks for that particular day. For e.g. if you want to view tasks for today, then select today from the dropdown menu.

me filters

Milestones and events:

At the left of your screen, you will be able to see the list of overdue and upcoming milestones along with the list of events that are scheduled for today. If you click on any milestone/event, you will be redirected to that milestone or event in Calendars section.

me milestones

And, if you mark any milestone or event as complete then it will be disappeared from the list.

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