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Email notifications for managers

A project manager is the person who leads the project, manages the resources and tries to keep everything on track in best possible way.

When a person is assigned as a manager of the project, he can enable project progress reports and select the frequency at which he wants to receive the project’s progress report.

How to turn on “Project’s progress report”:

  1. Click profile picture icon and choose My preferences option.
    my preferences manager
  2. Now, click Email notification dropdown and Select the appropriate option from the the drop down of project’s progress report like whether you want to receive it on daily basis or weekly or monthly.
    email for managers


  • If a manager is not assigned, the creator of the project will get the email notifications of project’s progress report.

What are the updates that a manager receives in email:

Project progress graph:
    In this email, the manager will get the progress graph till the present date. This graph has two regions. First region(in grey) depicts the assigned task and the other describes the completed task. A manager can assess the progress of the project at one report for manager.

  1. Tasks:
    The total number of tasks that have been completed yesterday, overdue and due tasks for today.
  2. Milestones:
    Milestones that are have been completed yesterday and the milestones that are overdue and due for the day.
  3. Time logged:
    Total number of hours logged on yesterday.
Other email notifications for manager:

If some changes are made to the project, manager should be notified about it. Because he will be the one who can decide what further changes are required.

  1. Projects
    Emails to a manager will be delivered when:

    • projects’ dates are changed.
    • start date of a project beyond the project’s due date then an email notification will be sent.
    • due date of a project is set before its start date.
    • person is added or removed from a project.
    • a project is archived, restored or deleted.

    Emails to other people who are the part of the project:

    • Email notification will be sent to everyone when a manager is changed.
    • Email notification will be sent to new manager if a manager is changed.
  2. Tasks
    Email to manager will be delivered when:

    • hours devoted by a user(s) on a task is greater than the estimated hours.
    • a person tries to set a start/due date of a task beyond the dates of a project.
    • estimated time of a task is added, deleted or edited.
  3. Milestones
    In case of milestones, manager will receive email when:

    • a milestone’s date is changed.
    • a milestone is created or completed.
    • a completed milestone is turned to incomplete.
    • a person tries to set a due date of a milestone beyond the due date of a project.
    • a milestone is deleted.
    • a milestone is not completed by its due date.
  4. TimesheetsEmails will be delivered to the manager when:
    • a person logs more time than the estimated time in a timesheet.
    • a timesheet is deleted or edited.
    • time estimate has been added or deleted from a timesheet.
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