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Calendar (Overall)

Calendar is a tab where you get to see the milestones, tasks and events from all the projects at one place. To make it easier, you can color code your individual projects and they will be identified easily in calendar.

Add items 

  1. To add a task click on a date and select Task from the popup.
    add task calendars
  2. Select the project and the task list in which you want to add the task and click Add.
  3. Similarly, you can also add Events and Milestones by simply clicking on the date cell and selecting the calendar.
    events milestones calendars


There are several options in Calendars to dig further for information. Following are the filters in Calendars:

  1. Projects: If you want to see data from a particular project you can filter it from here.
  2. People: You can also filter Calendars on the basis of people and check their availability across all the projects.
  3. View: If you want to see only one of these three: Events, Tasks and Milestones.
    filters calendars
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