ProofHub lets you store any personal notes, birthday reminders, important phone calls, etc through stickies. You can store all your personal notes/ quick actionable items which are now easily accessible and are handy.

Add Stickies

  1. Click on the Stickies icon on the right access bar on the dashboard.

  1. Click Add to add a new sticky.

  1. You can add the description and the titleThe title is not mandatory.
  2. You can personalize the sticky note by choosing the color and format options from the panel.

  1. Sticky notes can be reordered by using the drag and drop feature.
  2. Archive your sticky to mark it completed from the context menu.

  1. You can access your archived stickies using the filter.

Search Bar

A sticky note can be searched by typing at least 3 characters from the title or the description.


  • All the existing active quickies will be replaced by stickies.
  • All the completed quickies are archived now. You can find those by using the Filter.


You can now bookmark your important topics, task lists, notebooks or notes, folder, and timesheets to easily accessing them and they will appear in the bookmark window.

Viewing bookmarked items

Following are the steps to view the items which you’ve bookmarked:

  1. Click on the Bookmark icon.

Removing a bookmarked item

Following are the steps to remove a bookmarked item:

  1. Either right-click on a bookmarked item or click on the context menu icon present on its right.
  2. Select Delete option.

    1. Click Yes in the confirmation window to remove the bookmark.

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