Stickies and Bookmarks


ProofHub allows you to create and store personal notes using stickies. They are easily accessible from anywhere on your account and are very handy. Stickies can be used to store all your quick actionable items, birthday reminders, important phone numbers, and more.

  1. Click on the Stickies icon from the right access bar.Stickies
  2. Click on Add to add a new sticky.add a new sticky
  3. Add the title and description to create a new sticky. The title is not mandatory.
  4. Personalize stickies by using different colors and formats.Add the title and description
  5. Stickies can be reordered by using the drag and drop feature.
  6. Archive stickies to mark them as completed. You can access your archived stickies using the filter. Stickies reordered
  7. Delete stickers by clicking on the delete option.Delete stickers
  8. Search a sticky using the search bar.Search a sticky                             

    Users can only view and manage stickies created by them.


Bookmark important topics, task lists, notebooks, notes, folders, and timesheets to access them easily from the bookmark window.

  1. To bookmark an item, simply right-click on it and select the Bookmark option.bookmark an item
  2. To view and access bookmarked items.
    • Click on the bookmarks icon from the right access bar.
    • Click on a bookmark to open the sectionClick bookmarks iconbookmark to open the section
  3. To delete a bookmark, right-click on the bookmark to be deleted and click delete.delete a bookmark                            

    Users can only view and manage bookmarks created by them.

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