Me view

Me view is the first screen that you see when you log in to your ProofHub account. You can access any announcements subscribed to you, your assigned projects, tasks, events, milestones, logged time, agenda items, and activities directly from this page.

Jump to (ctrl or command +J)


Resizing Widgets

Personalized view


My Shortcuts

My projects

My Agenda

Jump to (ctrl or command +J)

Jump to allows you to jump to a recent project, bookmark, or person from anywhere on the account.

  1. Click on the jump to bar or use the ctrl or command + J shortcut to access the ‘jump to’ section.
  2. The following options will be available in the next window.
  • Option to search an item.
  • List of recent projects, all assigned projects, users with whom you can chat, and your bookmarks. Clicking on an item will redirect you to that section.
  • jump to bar available options Note:
    • Clicking on a project will redirect you to the project overview tab.
    • Clicking on a person’s name will open their chat window.


With ProofHub, you can customize the  “Me-view” and control the information that you want to see here.

Rearranging the widgets

In the Dashboard area, you can sort the widgets by using the drag and drag option from their header.

Adding widgets

The widget’s window will show the template of all the removed widgets. Users can drag the template from the window and drop it in the Me view.

Resizing widgets

You can control the height/width setting of these widgets and set them as per your requirements.

Removing widgets

You can also remove it from the context menu.

Applying Filters in the Projects Widget

The recently used projects can be filtered on the basis of their Status, Category, and Colors. Also, you can choose to show hide the date column for the projects listed in the Recent Tab.

Note: Announcements widget cannot be removed from the “me view”.

Personalized View

You can personalize the Me view by selecting different background images. Please follow the steps below to set the personalized background image.
1. Go to the bottom left of the screen and select the icon.
2. You can set the background image of your choice.


Add announcements and subscribe people to them to convey information that may not be project-specific. Appreciate a job well done, celebrate achievements, or even give birthday greetings in one place.Click here to get more information about this.

     1. My tasks: Click on the ‘my tasks’ option to view all your assigned tasks from across all assigned projects.
     2. My events and milestones: Click on the ‘my events and milestones’ option to view all your assigned events and milestones in a calendar view from across all assigned projects.
    3. My logged time: Click on the ‘my logged time’ option to view your logged time entries from across all assigned projects.
4. My activities: Click on the ‘my activities’ option to view your activities from across all assigned projects.My projects

Just below the announcements and quick links you get a list of all your assigned projects.

      1. Mark the project as starred: You can mark a project as starred by clicking on the star icon in front of the project name. All starred projects will appear above my project section.
      2. Open a project: Click on a project name to open the list of all its sections. Click on a section to open the project.
      3. Open project settings and edit options: Right-click on a project name to access the manage people, edit, delete, archive, create a copy, or integrations option.

My Agenda

To keep the track of all the assigned work My agenda option will show you all the Events, Milestones, and tasks that are due for today, upcoming, and overdue.
1. Agenda Widgets

You can view all the upcoming, overdue, or work items you need to focus on today from the agenda view. These work items include events, milestones, and tasks.

The upcoming items include those items that are due in the next 7 days. Similarly, the overdue items are shown till they are overdue by 7 days. The items which are included today are the ones for which either the start date has passed or the due is in the future. These also include any tasks which do not have any start or due date.2. Agenda Shortcut

You can view all this agenda information in the right access bar.
Click on the today, upcoming, and overdue to see the assigned work items.

3. Agenda in Email
You can also get this information in an email, simply enable the “Email me daily agenda at 7.00 am” option available under My preferences. Click here to get more information about this.

An email will be sent to you at 7.00 a.m. every morning as per your selected timezone with a list of all the tasks to be done today. In addition to this, this email will also include any overdue or upcoming tasks assigned to you.

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