Advanced search

In ProofHub, you can search across all projects/sections or any specific project/section using keywords.

  1. Click the search icon present at the top-right of the page.
  2. Enter the keyword that you would like to search for.
  3. If you want to search through all projects and all sections then just hit Enter to see the search results.
  4. And, if you want to search the keyword within any specific project or section then click on the drop-down menu besides Projects and select the project name. Similarly, you can click on the drop-down menu besides Sections to select any specific section.
  5. Hit Enter and it will display you the search results from that specific project or section.46


  • The keyword must be of at least 3 characters.
  • When you search for any keyword, it displays you search result across all projects and all sections as All projects and All sections are selected by default.
  • If you are searching inside any particular project and section then that specific project and section will be selected under Projects and Sections respectively. You can also select any other projects or sections from there.
  • When you click any of the displayed results, you will be redirected to that specific section in your account.
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