Announcements Available in ProofHub+

Make announcements to convey information that may not be project-specific and subscribe people to them. Appreciate a job well done, celebrate achievements, or even give birthday greetings in one place. Announcements can prove to be an effective way to motivate teams.

Add announcement

  1. Click on the +Add button to add a new Announcement or you can add an announcement from the quick add menu.
    Add announcement
  2. Add the following details in the add announcement window.
    • Add announcement title and Description.
    • Select subscribers.
    • Check the keep subscribers hidden option to hide the people subscribed to an announcement.
    • Select the time for which it will last on the announcement board: 24hrs, 48hrs, a week, or forever.
    • Schedule for future: to schedule an announcement for the future, simply check the option Schedule for future and select a date and time when the announcement will become visible to all the subscribed users. you can also edit the scheduled date and time at any time before the announcement is posted.
    • Allow or disable comments by checking the allow comments option.
    • Use the Pin to top option to pin an announcement to the top of the list.
    • Attach a file.
    • Click on Add.Add detail in announcement


  • Once an announcement is added a notification will be sent to everyone subscribed to it.
  • All announcements are set to 24 hours by default. The announcement will automatically expire after the set duration is over. You can change the duration according to the need.
  • Only subscribed users can view the announcement.
  • Once the announcement is viewed by a subscriber, a right tick will appear above their name.

View announcements and add comments

  1. Click on an announcement to open it.View announcements
  2. A comment section is available on the right side. Add comments, mention users and attach files here.
    Add comments on the announcement

Edit announcement

  1. Click on an announcement to open it.
  2. Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen and select Edit.
    Edit announcement
  3. Make the required changes in the Edit announcement window and click on update.

Delete announcement

  1. Click on an announcement to open it.
  2. Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen and select Delete.
    Delete announcement
  3. Click Yes on the confirmation pop-up and the announcement will be deleted.


A deleted announcement can be restored from the Trash section within 14 days of deletion.

A user with 'View only' access to announcements can only view announcements subscribed to them. A user with 'View and add' access can view announcements subscribed to them and add new announcements. A user with 'View and manage' access to announcements can view announcements subscribed to them, add new announcements and also edit and delete announcements.

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