Activity logs

The activity log contains a list of all the updates that are being made to your account data. It also lists the name of the person who did the activity. All the activities from users have been divided into four different categories; account, people, projects and templates. By default, logs are only visible to the account owner only but right to manage logs can be given from custom roles.

The entries will show up in the order of latest to oldest and they will be segregated month wise. Here’s how the account owner can access the activity logs from his/her account:

  1. Click Manage button from top bar inside a project and choose View project logs.

Logs for account:

Logs for account will be generated automatically when:

  1. Company logo is removed.
  2. Project categories are deleted.
  3. Labels are deleted.
  4. Roles are deleted.

Logs for people:

Logs for people are generated when:

  1. A person is deleted or added to the account.
  2. The details of a person are changed.

Logs for projects:

Every project has its own logs. To view logs of a particular project you can select it from the list of projects present at left. You can choose whether you want to see the activity logs of Active projects or Archived projects from Active filter. One can also select the month and year from right to see the activity logs of any particular month. Logs are generated for the activities in different sections which are listed below:

In Discussions, logs are generated when:

  1. A topic is deleted.
  2. A comment/proof comment is deleted.
  3. File attached is deleted.


  1. a to-do’s list/task is deleted.
  2. a comment/proof comment is deleted.
  3. file attached is deleted.


  1. a milestone/event is deleted.


  1. a notebook/note is deleted.
  2. a comment is deleted.

Gantt charts:

Since tasks can be deleted from Gantt charts as well so logs generated for this activity will be same as logs from to-do’s. However, some activities in Gantt charts generate different logs which are listed below:

  1. a to-do’s list/task is deleted.
  2. a dependency is removed.


  1. a timesheet is deleted.
  2. a time entry is removed.

Activity logs for Edit:

When a person deletes anything from the ProofHub account it gets listed in the logs. Similarly, when edits are made to different entities in ProofHub they are also listed in logs.

Following are the entities which will be listed in logs when edited:

Manage project

When a person having the right to manage a project make some edits to the project, they will be listed in the logs.

Logs will be generated when:

  1. title and description are edited.
  2. start and end date are edited.
  3. category, status, and color are edited.

Following are the logs generated when edits are made to projects:


  1. title and description are edited
  2. change in the status of a public topic to private and vice versa.
  3. comment is edited.
  4. people assigned to the topic are changed.


  1. title of the to-do’s list is edited.
  2. change in status from private to public and vice-versa.
  3. enable/disable of time tracking and display in the Gantt chart option.
  4. title and description of a task are edited.
  5. labels on the task are edited.
  6. start and due date of a task are changed.
  7. estimated hours on a task is edited.
  8. people assigned to the task are edited.
  9. comments made on the task are edited.
  10. a subtask is changed to the main task and vice versa.


  1. title and description of an event/milestone are edited.
  2. start date and due date of the event/milestone are edited.
  3. reminder and timezone are edited.
  4. status is changed from private to public and vice versa.


  1. title and color of the notebook are edited.
  2. The title and description of the note are edited.
  3. comment has been resolved or reopened.
  4. status of note is changed from private to public and vice-versa.

Gantt charts:

Tasks can be edited from the Gantt charts as well and logs generated from here are the same as the logs generated from to-do’s. However, some activities in Gantt charts generate different logs which are listed below:

  1. dependencies between tasks are edited.
  2. percentage of the task is edited.
  3. start and due dates are changed by dragging the task container.


  1. name of the folder is edited.
  2. folders are organized.
  3. a file is approved/disapproved.


  1. name of the timesheet is edited.
  2. estimated time is changed.
  3. time logged is edited.

Logs for Add and managing people:

Every activity in this section is logged. Be it the edit of a group name, person name, profile picture, cell number, etc.

Logs for templates:

Logs for templates are recorded the same as the projects. The only difference is, that they are stored in a different tab.

Logs Retention:

  1. Ultimate Control Plan –  Activity logs are retained for a duration of six months.
  2. Essential Plan – The retention period is three months.
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