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Individual project

ProofHub by default shows “All Projects” report, user can choose to view report of any specific project, here’s how:

  • Click Projects dropdown from top left.
  • Select the project.
    individual reports

On top of your screen, you will find the key information of the selected project like progress percentage, people responsible, open tasks & milestones and hours logged by the team. Underneath this, there are different types of reports available related to the project.

  1. Roadmap: Roadmap for every project tells how much of your project is complete. It also shows the start-end date of the project on a timeline, if added, and informs users of all the late or upcoming milestones.
  2. Burn up chart: Burn up chart tracks completed work/tasks and total work/tasks with two separate lines. This helps users to know if the project is not yet complete because work is being done slowly, or if too much new work is being added.
    burnup chart
  3. Task status: This is the report where you can see the pie chart description of the task list of a project. Overdue and open tasks from all the lists are displayed.You can sort this report on the basis of overdue tasks, open tasks and list name. There’s also an option of sorting this reports using people filter.
    task status
  4. Progress by labels: This section provides statistics based on labeled tasks if the are incomplete or overdue. This can be also be filtered on the basis of open/overdue milestones and also on the basis of categories.
    progress by labels
  5. Time logged by resources: It will list all your resources and shows the aggregate of estimated and logged hours against the parameters like open tasks and overdue tasks. In it by default you can see data of 10 resources who have most number of open tasks. You can select filters (sort by, people and view) to see more precise report on time logged by resources.
    time logged by resources
  6. Timesheet reports: A timesheet report gives a comprehensive view of time logged in various timesheets along with time estimate added on them. By default you can see 10 timesheets in which maximum amount of time has been logged. You can filter the date, using filters like sort by, status, people and view, to get more precise report of time logged in timesheets.
    timesheet report
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