Custom Field Report

Custom field reports will help you to keep a track of custom fields where custom fields can be analyzed for multiple projects or task lists in one report.

  • The X-axis will reflect the custom fields “Multiselect” and “Dropdown” and also it will show Project, Task workflow stage, and Priority.
  • The Y-axis will reflect the custom fields “Currency”, “Numbers”,  and “Percentage” and also you can see the task count.
  • Custom Fields reports can be created to analyze comparisons and relations between different custom fields.

Note: The name of the custom fields should be the same in all the projects or task lists to get accurate results.

Following are the steps to create a custom field report:

  1. Select “Reports” from the left navigation bar.
  2. Click on “Add” & select the custom field report. Then select “Next”.
  3. Add “Title” and select “Projects/Tasklists” for which you would like to create a custom field report.
  4. Create a report to analyze the custom field and task count relation. On X-axis, the dropdown or muti-select custom fields.
  5. On Y-axis, select task count or custom fields currency, percentage, or numbers.
  6. Enable the “Include subtasks” option to see all the details.
  7. Also, other filters such as “Completion status”, “Creation date” and “Due date” can be added.
  8. Select “Add” to see the report.

    Here’s an example of a created custom field report showing the analysis between “Escalation level” and “Number of tickets”.

    Custom field reports can be viewed in both graphical and tabular forms.
    Custom field reports can be downloaded both in PDF and CSV format.
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