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Along with custom reports in ProofHub, one can access default reports as well. There are two types of default reports available. One is for projects and the other one is for a person.

Project report

Following are the steps to access a project’s default report:

  1. Select Reports from the navigation bar.
    reports navigation
  2. Click on the Default project report option.
    default reports
  3. A new screen will appear in which you can select a project.
    select project report
  4. On selecting a project, its default report will appear.


  • The default report cannot be altered.
  • You can download the default report.

In the default report for the selected project, you’ll see the following information:

  1. Summarised information on top
  2. Project manager
  3. Category
  4. Start date
  5. End date
  6. Status
  7. Created by
  8. Created on
  9. Project’s completion percentage – It is based on the percentage of tasks completed.
  10. Count of open tasks – Tasks that are yet to be completed
  11. Count of open milestones – Milestones that are yet to be completed
  12. Count of those assigned
  13. Time logged

Roadmap – Milestones:

You’ll be able to see a timeline for the entire project in which start and end dates will be marked, all milestones will appear on the dates they are due. It will also show you how much the project is completed.

roadmap reports
The overdue, upcoming, and completed milestones are denoted with separate colors of red, black, and green respectively.

You can see a table containing the list of all milestones in chronological order. 

Burn up chart

You’ll be able to see two line graphs that track completed work/tasks and total work/tasks. It’ll help you to know if the project is not yet completed because work is being done slowly, or if too much work is being added.

burn up chartOverdue tasks

A list of all overdue tasks present in the project will show up here. These overdue tasks are shown in tabular form and arranged in chronological order.

Tasks by labels

You can see the count of tasks on which a label is assigned that are overdue, completed, and open. Also, you’ll see the count of total tasks to which the label is assigned.

tasks by label reportsTasks by resource

You’ll be able to see the count of tasks on which a person is assigned that are overdue, completed, and open. Also, you’ll see the count of total tasks to which a person is assigned.

tasks report resourcesTask by Workflow

You’ll see a stacked bar graph for each workflow in which you’ll see total tasks, overdue tasks, and completed tasks. For each workflow, you’ll see information in tabular form and the bar chart form. In the tabular form, you’ll be able to see the following information:

  1. Stage name
  2. Count of overdue tasks
  3. Count of the total task

reports by workflowTime logged

Information regarding the time logged in a project can be seen here. Time logged information will be shown in terms of status wherein you’ll be able to see a table showing status name and total time having that status. Also, you’ll be able to see a pie chart regarding it.time by resource report
Information on time logged according to resources and timesheets wherein the data will appear in the tabular form containing resource name, status name, total time logged.
Time logged by resource report2

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