Table View

The Table views allow you to visualize the tasks according to your preferences. Here all relevant data is available in one place and it will help you to get a big picture of your tasks at a single glance.

With the use of table view, you can manage the below :

  • Select which columns to see in the view 
  • Hide columns in the view 
  • Sort by any column and clear sorting at one go
  • Mark actions directly on tasks from the table view
  • Rearrange tasks and columns according to your needs
  • Resize columns

Selecting which columns to see in table view

You can select which columns you want to see in the Table view

Click on the plus icon next to the last column to manage the columns as shown 

You can also click on the context menu on the right side of filters to select the columns

Hiding columns in Table view 

If you want to hide any column, you can click on the specific column which you would like to sneak and select the option “ Hide this column ”

Sort by any column in table view

Sorting your tasks is a really easy way to keep yourself organized. It helps you understand what you have to do and in what order so that you can get all of your tasks done. 

Following are the steps to sort your table view by columns

  1. You can click on the arrow next to the column name to sort the data.
  2. By default, tasks are sorted by task name in alphabetical order

Any filter or sorting which is applied for the columns is reflected in the current task list and doesn’t affect the filters or sorting of any other task list.

Clear Sorting

You can clear the applied sorting by selecting the option from the column menu.

Act on tasks directly from the table view

You can directly take different actions on a task like changing the assignees of a task, changing the stage of the task, estimating or tracking time for a task, and many more by clicking on the corresponding column of the task.

Rearrange Tasks 

In case you want to manually arrange the tasks, it can be done when grouping is set to none and there is no sorting applied on the data. This task order will also become visible to other users when they have grouping set to none and there is no sorting applied in their table view as well.  

Resizing columns

Make the columns wide or narrow as per your need, simply click in the middle of any two columns that you’d like to resize and glide it along to change the column width.

Rearranging columns

You can rearrange the columns in the table view. To move a column click and drag using the column title and move it to the desired position.


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