Email-in tasks

Every Task list has its unique email-in address. You can save that email-in address in your contacts so that you can add task via email. Following are the steps to create task via email-in:

  1. Select a project.
  2. Go to Tasks section.
  3. Select a task list from the left panel.
  4. Either right-click the task list or click on its context menu icon and select option Copy email-in address.
  5. A window will open on the right side.
  6. Copy the address mentioned in the window.
  7. Now, paste the copied address in the recipient field and the content of the email will be added as a task.
  8. You can also forward the existing emails to the copied address (email-in address of the task)
    Forward via email in
    Paste the email-in address here and forward the existing emails as tasks in ProofHub
    fwd email in 2


For a more organized approach while adding tasks via email in you can user the formats mentioned below as well. In the body of the email, you can enter task details in any of the two below-mentioned formats:

First format:

[Task] Task name

[Desc] Description

[Start] 01/12/2016 (Start date)

[End] 01/15/2016 (End date)

[Subtask] Task name

[Desc] Description

[Start] 01/12/2016 (Start date)

[End] 01/17/2016 (End date)


Second format:

* Task name

*d Description

*s 04/12/2016 (Start date)

*e 04/15/2016 (End date)

** Subtask name

*d Description

*s 04/12/2016 (Start date)

*e 04/12/2016 (End date)

  1. Once you’ve entered all details of the task to be created send the email. The task will get created in the task list whose email-in address you selected.


Please fulfill the below conditions for using Email-in feature in ProofHub

  • The user should have logged into their ProofHub account at least once.
  • The user should be assigned to the task.
  • The email ID used for email-in should be the same email id as used in the ProofHub account.
  • Only task name is mandatory, the rest of the details are optional.
  • While adding the start and end date, you will have to keep date format in mind. If your account has date format like: mm/dd/yyyy, then you need to write the dates according to this format.

Reply via email

One can add comment to a task by replying to the email notification one has received regarding the task. Following are its steps:

  1. Open the email notification regarding the task which you had received.
  2. Click on reply button
  3. Type the comment which you wish to post
  4. Click on send button and the comment will appear on the task.
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