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Getting started with ProofHub

Everything you’ll need to begin with ProofHub.

Add people

Initially, you can invite people, such as your clients and teammates, who all will be participating in your projects to ProofHub. Once people are added, you can divide them into different groups based on their work profiles. Further, you can define custom roles to provide people with access to relevant project data. Also, you can update their profiles by adding their contact details.

Add people
Add people
  • Create groups

    People in your projects can be categorized into different groups such as clients, teammates, vendors, suppliers, stakeholders, departments, etc. Continue

  • Define custom roles

    Custom roles can be defined by providing project access levels for individual members of the team based on their job function. For example, clients can have the ‘view only’ access level for projects, whereas project managers have ‘view and edit’ access. Continue

  • Add details

    Individual profiles of the team members can be updated by adding details like name, designation, email, photo, IM info, etc. Continue

Add projects

You can create projects to take actions related to work. Each project is an independent workspace where you can manage discussions, upload files, maintain tasks, create notes, mark events and milestones, etc. Further, you can subscribe people into your projects and can manage email notifications for activities done within the projects.

Add people
Add project
  • Subscribe people

    People in your ProofHub can be chosen and subscribed to your projects, so that they can access project data. For example, assigning people to your marketing project. Continue

  • Manage email notifications

    Email notifications for project activities can be managed to be sent to subscribed people or not. Email notifications are sent whenever an activity is made within a project, like addition of a new task, creation of an event, completion of a milestone, etc. Continue


You can customize your ProofHub to make it look your way. You can manage feature tabs to show up only the required ones. Also, you can whitelabel i.e. add a custom URL to your ProofHub. Additionally, your personal image or company logo can be added to give a personalized touch. Further, you can choose from the variety of available colors and themes to match it with your preferences.

Add project
  • Manage sections

    Different feature tabs such as discussions, time, Gantt, calendar, files, etc. in your ProofHub can be shown or made hidden, choosing the appropriate options. Continue

  • Add custom domain

    White Labelling i.e. adding a personal / company URL to your ProofHub can be done. For example, if your company name is ‘xyz’, then you can whitelabel it as “” or “”. Continue

  • Add logo

    Your Personal / company logo or image can be uploaded to your ProofHub. Continue

  • Add color and theme

    Any of the available colors such as orange, black, violet, blue, etc. can be chosen and themes such as snowfall can be selected to personalize the look and feel of your ProofHub. Continue