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Add templates

For projects having similar structure you can create templates. You don’t need to start from the scratch, just make a template live or use a template while creating a project and save time.

Add Template
  1. Click on Add button present on the top left of the Projects screen.
  2. Select Template from the drop down.
    add template
  3. Fill in the details and click on Add to create template.add template window

Note: When you open the project deck, by clicking on its icon from the top left, you’ll find a new category has been created as Project Template. All the templates will be saved in that category.

When you add your team members to a project template no email notifications will be sent.


Using templates

There are two ways of using templates:

Select template while creating project

  1. Click on Add button present on the top left of the Projects screen.
  2. Select Project from the drop down.
    add project
  3. Select the Use template option in this window.use template

Note: While creating a project from the template, dates can be adjusted as per the following parameters:

  • Template start date
  • Task with earliest due date
  • First milestone
  • Keep the date as it is

For example if you select “Task with the earliest due date” from the drop down and set the due date as per your need. If the current earliest due date is December 1 and we move it to a new date, lets say, December 3, 2 days will be added to all the dates.

Convert an existing template to a project
  1. Select the desired template from the Deck.
  2.  In the Overview, click on Manage dropdown and select Edit template.
  3. Edit template window will appear in front of you. Uncheck Is template and click Update.
  4. You can also make any changes in template’s detail from Edit template window.use template1
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