Project settings

Manage project

  1. Select Projects from the navigation bar.
    project panel left
  2. Choose a project.
  3. Go to the Overview of the project.
  4. Click on the three dots icon as shown below.
    three dots project

    • To manage people in the project, select Manage people.Manage people
      • Add new Assignees to the project or remove the existing ones by clicking on the “+” next to their names.
      • Add or invite new people to the project by clicking on the Add person option.
      • Select a new Project manager from the list of people assigned to the project.
      • Click Update to save the changes.
    • To edit the project, select Edit.edit project
      • Make changes to the project details in the next window.
      • Click Update to save the changes.edit project screen
    •  To delete the project, select Deletedelete project
      • A confirmation pop-up will appear on the screen. Click Yes and the project will be deleted.delete project message
    •  To create a copy of the project, select Create a copy.copy project
      • Add the following details in the new window:
        • Edit the Title and Description of the project.
        • Select a Start date and End date or choose a parameter to adjust dates.
        • Add Assignees to the project.
        • Select a Project manager.
        • Select a Category for the project.
        • Define a Project status.
        • Set a Color code.
        • Select the items you want to copy from the template to the project.
      • Click Add and the project will be copied.

Note: While copying a project, dates can be adjusted as per the following parameters:

  • Earliest date in the project/template
  • Keep the date as it is

For example: Select Earliest date in the project/template from the drop-down list and set the due date as per your need. Now, if the current earliest due date is December 1 and you move it to a new date, let’s say, December 3, 2 days will be added to all the dates.

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