Introduction to files

ProofHub makes it easy for you to store, share, and proof files (PDF, images, spreadsheets, etc) associated with a project in one single place. It allows you to upload files from your computer or from third-party applications (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive) and collaborate with them effortlessly.

View Files

You can arrange the files you upload to ProofHub in a hierarchy of folders. The project/base folder is the one shown by default and any folders you create become a part of this folder. You can create folders within folders to any depth you want.The folders are arranged in a tree structure with the project folder as the base or the root. You can expand the folder list on the top left to navigate through the complete folder structure. To view the files stored in a particular folder, click on the name of the folder on the top left side.

If you wish to view all files irrespective of the folder they have been added into, you can do so using the “All files” view. This option is available on the top left side. all files

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