File preview – Bandwidth limit

Error while viewing files in ProofHub – “You’ve reached the bandwidth limit for viewing or downloading files that aren’t in Google Docs format. Please try again later”.

ProofHub uses Google Docs to display the files including PDF, DOC, and XLS within the browser. If you are having trouble viewing files and you are logged into your Google account, it could be bandwidth limit on that account. There is no bandwidth limit in ProofHub and in most cases refreshing the page will display the file.

If the message persists, please try signing out of your Google account, and then try viewing the file again in ProofHub. This should make you anonymous to Google and avoid the bandwidth limitation.

To sign out of Google, You can use the link below:

The error is based upon these limits set by Google for each account and here’s the link to Google’s bandwidth limit page:
For further details, please contact our support team.

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