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Proofing is the fastest way to achieve zero defects. Collaborators can review files and provide feedback through comments. Here’s how you can proof files:

  1. Double click on any file to preview or proof it.
  2. To proof the file, you can select any markup tool like rectangle or arrow to highlight the area or draw lines or shapes to provide feedback. Also you can write your comments in comment field from bottom right of your screen and Hit Enter to save the comment on file/image.
    help comment
  3. View comments: Users can view comments added on proofs by clicking on count of proof comments mentioned below the file.
  4. Reply to comment: Users can reply to comment by selecting the comment from right and clicking on reply icon.
  5. Resolve a comment: If you are done with the suggested changes, then click Resolve button to mark the comment as resolved.
    help resolved
  6. Reopen comment: For any reason, if you feel that the resolved comment is not yet complete, then you can always reopen that comment by clicking on Resolved icon and it will be reopened.
    help reopen
  7. Approve files: Once the user has resolved all the comments added on proofs, you can send your approval for the file by clicking Approve button from top bar and the file will be approved.
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  • You can upload any type of files in ProofHub but only these file formats (PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP) are supported for proofing.
  • For the files which are not supported for proofing, you will not be able to see proofing tools on top of the screen but you can always post comments to share your feedback on these files. Hence, you can collaborate on all types of files.
  • Files can zoom out or zoom in to its original size.
  • In case you have made any markings/drawings on image mistakenly and you want to clear it, then you can use cancel button besides comment box.
  • Only those users will be visible who have been assigned to a task or topic, in case the file being proofed is attached to a task or topic.
  • You can also add users to get notification for comments added on file.

How to Preview previous versions:

You can also view the previous versions of file by selecting the dropdown besides filename from top left of your screen. And, once any previous version of file is selected, all the previous markings made on it will appear along with its comments.

help version


  • If any user is added for notifications on previous version then that user will not be selected for current version of file.
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