With multiple timers, you can start a timer on multiple tasks and timesheets. You can see which timer is currently running and which one is on hold.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start timer from a task or timesheet.

  2. Once the timer has started, it will appear in the respective task and also in the multiple timer window.

  3. In case a new timer is started then the existing running timer will be paused.
  4. To save the time tracked by a running or paused timer, you need to hover over it in the multiple timer window and click on Save time.

  5. Add time window will open in which you can add all necessary details like timesheet, description, task, and status.

    Viewing all paused and running timer

Following are the steps to view all paused and the currently running timer: 

  • Click the Timer icon available on the topmost bar.
  • A list of timers will appear.
  • The list will contain timers which are on hold along with the running ones.

  • With each timer, you’ll get the information about the item(s) on which it is running.
  • On hovering over a timer, you’ll get Save time option which you can click to save the time tracked by it in a timesheet.

  • Once the tracked time is saved, the timer will be removed from the list.
  • With each timer present in the list, you’ll also get a context menu option containing an option to delete it. On clicking it you need to click on Yes in confirm window to confirm deletion of the timer.
  • One can pause the currently running timer and resume any previously paused timer.
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