ProofHub’s in-app notifications inform you about the activities happening in your projects like posting comments, assigning tasks, achieving milestones, adding collaborators to notes, and more. Whenever any activity (related to you) happens, you will get a notification which will appear on the Bell icon beside Manage account drop-down. Tap the Bell icon and you will get the list of activities happening across your projects under the Activities tab.


  1. The notifications will be arranged in latest to oldest order.
  2. When you tap on any particular notification, it takes you to the relevant section. And if you receive a notification for any activity in any project which has been archived later then you will be landed to projects section.
  3. If the same kind of activity happens multiple times then you will be getting clubbed notification. Here are the two cases for clubbed notification in ProofHub:
    1. When comments are posted on the same topic, task, notes, or files.
    2. When any file attached to a task/discussion is approved by a number of people.
  4. At the top of the notification window, you will have a three dots icon. When you tap on that icon, My preference window opens on the right from where you can manage your account settings, including:
    1. Product related updates
    2. Language and timezone
    3. Mobile notifications
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