ProofHub lets you Bookmark different sections of a Project so that they can be easily accessed when needed.

To access bookmarks

  1. Go to Me View.
  2. Tap on Bookmarks.

  1. This will show you a list of all Bookmarked items.

To Bookmark a section of a Project

  1. Select a Project.
  2. Go to a specific section (Tasks, Discussions, Notes, Files or Time).
  3. Long press the topic or section to be Bookmarked (Tasklist, Discussion Topic, Notebook, File folder or a Timesheet respectively).
  4. Select Bookmark from the dropdown list.

  1. The selected item will be added to the bookmark list.

Delete Bookmarks

  1. Go to Me View.
  2. Tap on Bookmarks.
  3. Long press on the Bookmark you want to delete.

  1. A confirmation pop up will appear. Tap Yes.

  1. The selected Bookmarks will be deleted.
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