Gantt charts in ProofHub allow you to set dependencies between different tasks in a project. In the case of dependent tasks, if the first task is postponed, you don’t need to go to every task and change the task dates. All the dependent tasks get dragged along with the first task. Setting dependencies between tasks on a Gantt chart give you a good view of what’s next. 

Set dependencies

  1. Go to the task for which the dependency needs to be set.
  2. Click on the small circle next to the task.
  3. Drag it to another task and you can link the tasks together. 
    set dependencies
  4. Once the tasks are linked, the task that you dragged will be dependent on the first task.
  5. To enable dependencies, you need to enable cascade changes.
  6. Select View options at the top-right of the page and check off Cascade changes option from the list.
    cascade changes

Critical chain

Highlighting the critical path allows you to see the tasks that are currently affecting your project’s end date. To enable critical chain view, go to View options at the top-right of the page and check off the option Highlight critical chain from the list.
highlight critical chain

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