Import tasks from CSV

  1. Select a project.
  2. Go to the Tasks section
  3. Click on the Add button at the top-left and select Import CSV.
    import csv
  4. In the next window, browse the .csv file from your system. 
    browse csv file
  5. Click Import.
  6. Next, the map people window will pop-up from where you can map users present in your ProofHub account with the names in the imported CSV file.
    map people
  7. Click Done to have your tasks reflected under the Tasks section.

Format CSV files for import to ProofHub

In order to be able to import data from CSV file to ProofHub, the CSV file must be formatted correctly. We’ve created a Sample CSV file for you to download and upload, to help you see what will be imported and how it will look like. The format of adding tasklist via CSV should be the same as given in Sample CSV file. Download the sample CSV.


  • The Title field is mandatory. If in case this field is left blank then the record won’t get imported.
  • The date format should be mm/dd/yy and time format should be h:m.
  • In Assigned to column, you can either give the name of the user or email address which will appear as it is in the map people window.
  • If any CSV user is not mapped, then the imported tasks will remain unassigned.
  • One person can be mapped with multiple persons.
  • While importing a file you can select either an existing list or create a new list and have all the tasks imported into it.
  • All tasks imported will be assigned the first stage of the associated workflow.
  • In case tasks are imported from Gantt section in a list in which display in Gantt wasn’t checked then it will get selected when the tasks get imported.
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